**Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, I will not be able to see clients face to face for the foreseeable. This is for my protection as well as yours. I am still working best I can to accommodate as many clients as possible via phone or video chat. Please get in touch for further information or check out my Facebook page for more updates.

"Nutrition is the most powerful medicine. It works faster, better, and is cheaper than any drug on the planet"

Dr. Mark, Hyman (IFM)

Meet Mel


During her training, Mel achieved a First Class Honours Degree in Nutritional Sciences at Manchester Metropolitan University. As a member of the British Nutrition Foundation and a Registered Associate Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, she is constantly keeping up to date with the latest scientific research which is the foundation for her practice.

Nutrition consultations for sustainable weight loss, health, and sport performance.