"Before I met Mel nearly 2 years ago, I had been battling with diabetes for over 20 years and could never get it under control. The Dr kept increasing my medicine dosage. I was truly fed up and wanted to change my life. That's when I decided to contact Mel, who from the moment I met her, has been absolutely brilliant in educating me on healthy eating, the benefits of exercising and the importance of taking vitamin supplements.

My HB1ac sugar levels was averaging 80s but with Mel's help and support, I've got it down to 46 ..something I never dreamt was possible ..My whole life has changed .

I was tested positive with Covid 4 weeks back but had no symptoms.

I truly believe this is down to my immune system becoming more stronger with lifestyle changes and I have to thank to Mel for that....Feel very lucky

To anyone who is wanting to make health lifestyle changes, I could not recommend Mel enough.


I was diagnosed with intestine immobility issues and put on the highest dose of medication but I had really bad side effects.  After a year it wasn’t much better and I was feeling desperate.  I had a constant, and at times painful, swollen tummy, fatigue, headaches and a feeling of generally being unwell, this also affected my mental state. A friend introduced Mel to me and my life changed dramatically, I’m happy to say for the better!  We have worked on my diet and I have swapped foods around.  We have treated it using the FODMAP nutrition plan.  I had full bloods taken which identified very low Vitamin D.  Within weeks I was feeling better in myself mentally and physically.  I have now reduced my medication in half and plan to come off the medication fully over time.  I am a triathlete and this has had a great positive impact for me during training and competitions.  I highly recommend Mel who is friendly and knowledgeable in her field and in sport."


"Mel is fantastic. She's very knowledgeable and well qualified but approachable and friendly. She worked with me to devise a simple and sustainable eating and exercise plan and encouraged me every step of the way. I would recommend her to anyone."